Difference Between a Static and CMS Website.


Hello Friends…. this is pikandeeweb secound blog. One of my visitors recently asked me about the difference between a Content Management System or CMS Website  and Static website.

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Static Website


difference between static and dynamic website

A static website is created by using HTML and CSS code.These sites are less expensive to create because they are hosted without the add of any database.Once the website is online, any changes that are needed require a website designer, or someone that knows how to edit, create or delete web pages.Many small businesses prefer static websites because of their low startup cost. Many free static web template you can search on website and build you website very easily . you try this website link for free website templates.



Advantages of static websites-


1.) No database use

2.) Lower development cost

3.) Download free css html templates

4.) Quick to download on lower bandwidths


Dis-Advantages of static websites-


1.) You will need HTML, CSS and a web development application knowledge or you hire a designer and coder for any changes in your website.

2.) Can not add more functionality in static website.so you website could be lacking against your competitors

3.) There is no such thing as a “plugin” or an “extension” for a static site. You need to either code every piece of functionality yourself or find/buy a script to perform that function.

4.) Free css-html templates are available, but your content still needs to be coded in and around the designed template for each and every page on your website.


  CMS Website / Dynamic website



difference between static and dynamic website 2

CMS website or dynamic website you can manage your content like your home page features like your silder images, logo, about us page , contact page and all the pages which is in your website by your separate back-end account .In this type of website you need a knowledge of database , coding language and html css .

Advantages of  Dynamic websites-


1.) You can edit your CMS Website without knowing any code.

2.) CMS Website is SEO friendly and there are countless of plugins to make your site’s functionality more better.

3.) WordPress framework  is a best for CMS Website.

4.) Many themes company provide cms base theme (CMS Website) just choose them and your website ready within a minutes.

you can try this BEST WORDPRESS THEMES

Dis-Advantages of CMS Website / Dynamic websites-


1.) The initial cost of design will be greater

2.) Development time will be longer as compared to static website.

3.) Hosting can be more expensive because you need database also.


Conclusion –


 What is the Purpose of  your website ??? 


Every websites is built for a different purpose-

1.) First type of website which could be to sell a business  products online,blogging website or any website which changes daily,weekly or monthly then you choose CMS base website like wordpress.

2.) Second type website in which home , about , services , contact us pages or simply as a brochure to show potential customers what a business does, and then to attract them to contacting the business for more information then you choose Static Website.

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