How To Make A Website With WordPress

Learn Here How To Make A Website With WordPress:



Step 1. Install WordPress. If you don’t know how to install WordPress then click on  below link .

Step 2 . After installing WordPress you can upload a WordPress theme.If you don’t know then click on  below link

Step 3 . Convert theme according to your business.You can convert your front page according to your business.

For example – if you are a blogger and you don’t want slider on front page then you can inactive it.

Similarly If you don’t want feature area , testimonial, footer or main heading so you can easily active or inactive it.

And the best part of this theme is you can add unlimited slider and feature image. For more info watch this video.

If you want to know  about WordPress click here. Or you can buy any other WordPress theme. The best thing about WP business website, theme is you can modify your front page.

Why WordPress is better than the others?

  • It’s totally FREE, with loads of layouts/themes to choose from.
  • It’s very beginner friendly.
  • Your site will mobile friendly.
  • There’s a huge support community available to help.
  • and more…