Top 30+ Free High PR Social bookmarking sites

What is Social bookmarking submission sites ? 1. Social bookmarking is a great traffic-boosting SEO strategy because it’s easy, effective and trendy. There are many techniques on which website keyword ranking depend upon. Like Website structure, website content, website design, on- page optimization etc. 2. Quality back links is the one of significant part among all these

Top 5 Best eCommerce WordPress Themes

Top 5 Best eCommerce WordPress Themes are – iTek eCommerce WordPress Themes iTek – Business & WooCommerce centric theme ideal for building websites in any give business/eCommerce niche online. Itek comes packed with the following features: 4 menu locations (3 standard + 1 Social links), 2 Widget areas (Sidebar + Showcase area), 3 Custom Widgets

How To Add Widget On WordPress

How To Add Widget On WordPress WordPress is a wonderful platform for making website. In WordPress, widget play a very important role.   What Is WordPress Widget ?   Actually A WordPress Widget is a small block that performs a specific function or in other word Widget is a content tool you can easily add

Best 7 WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

Today i will share you Top e-commerce plugins which is very useful for your WordPress commerce  website. Note: If you don’t know How to install Plugins in WordPress then click Here Also Read : World Easiest WordPress Theme checkout now What Is WordPress And How It’s Helpful For My Business Top 5 Best E-Commerce WordPress Themes Best 7