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Feedify LifeTime Deal

Feedify: Speak To Customers One on One With Personalized, Targeted & Result-Oriented tools Engage your customer within your website is a big task, no matter how your website builds but if they are not attracted to your website…all your good works ruined and your main goals to coverts visitors into customers are failed. Our main

Capturly LifeTime Deal

Capturly: A FULL SCALE ANALYTICS TOOL FOR YOUR BUSINESS Capturly Optimize Your Website With Real User Interactions Using Heatmaps, Session Replays, and Analytics Reports. How well do you know what your visitors are doing on your website? Understanding the behavior of your visitors by inspecting and analyzing how they interact with your website is a

Socital LifeTime Deal

Socital: Personalized Onsite Campaigns For eCommerce Socital is a SaaS platform that provides a unique set of tools for rich data collection, targeted recommendations and better conversion of visitors to sales. It is the only onsite campaign creation tool, that combines the wealth of social media data with visitor behavior and helps shops generate instantly more

SimilarContent Lifetime Deal

SimilarContent-Same, Same, but Different SimilarContent Increase your content relevance score and compare it to similar content Trying to write content without a great SEO optimization tool is like attending Comic-Con in normie clothes. You may have fun, but you certainly won’t get noticed. So how do you create content that ranks for the target keywords

MeetFam LifeTime Deal

Replace an entire email marketing team for your Shopify business You know that email marketing is essential for your Shopify business, but you have zero experience in that department and no budget to hire an expert. Sure, you can spend years learning how to master email marketing, but do you really have time for that?

MeetFox LifeTime Deal

Book meetings, host calls, and automate invoicing all in one place A good portion of your week is spent coordinating meetings, juggling admin tasks, and chasing down invoices (by all means, take your time, Evan). But if you’d rather spend more time on your clients and less time on the tedious things, we have a

Fotor LifeTime Deal

Fotor Photo Editor Beautifying Photos For Over 300M+ Fotor Users “Fotor Photo Editor – A Revolutionary Design Maker” Fotor is an online graphic editing service powered by premium editing functions and patented HDR technology that enables photo editing, collage creation, and design to happen with a just few clicks. This LifeTime Deal is ideal for

Fronter LifeTime Deal

Fronter Collaborate With Teams For Precise, Timely, and Actionable Feedback Fronter is the solution for a smooth test and iterate process for your product. Let go of all your media files and get started with this new feedback solution. Fronter you can: ▶ Annotate any visual element on live websites. ▶ Place comments on mockups