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Appsumo Alternative LifeTime Deal Company

We all like Appsumo Deals, but there are lots of amazing deals beyond them available in the market. and I am sure you don’t leave them out.

If you are looking for the best Lifetime deal for your startup or expand your venture, so here we bring you some of Appsumo alternatives for your business.

Why Do We Need Lifetime Deal

Perhaps the greatest provocation (since there are some more) that each business needs to confront is client procurement and income age.

Beginning an online business is generally simple, particularly in the event that you as of now have the specialized ability. You can get a head start with existing open-source innovation to hack an answer yet inevitably, you despite everything need to persuade others to pay for your answer. This is the place most organizations stagnate and invest a large portion of their energy and exertion, as brain you, it’s anything but a simple accomplishment.

At the point when I began with my first SaaS, I had no clue what a Lifetime Deal (LTD) was or how it worked. An LTD is a basic idea for your item where the client pays forthright for a ceaseless permit. This is something you can use to get your first arrangement of clients, yet it includes some significant downfalls that you should know about! More on that beneath.

I did a lifetime manage one of my items, Revertrade a Shopping entrance. This area is going to take you through what I realized, the mix-ups I made, and how I could have gotten twice as a lot of money flow with some arranging and somewhat more work.

This is what “lifetime bargain” truly implies:

When you buy and reclaim a lifetime bargain, you approach that apparatus for the lifetime of the item. For whatever length of time that the apparatus is as yet accessible.

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Lifetime Deals Useful For ??

Wouldn’t you know it, however Lifetime Deal simply happens to be an extraordinary fit for the individuals. The rundown incorporates yet isn’t restricted to:

  • Small business owners/ Startups.
  • Content creators like YouTubers, podcasters, bloggers, etc.
  • Solopreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • Web developers

It’ll become a lot clearer about Appsumo alternative lifetime deals. But as a short preview, here are a few categories we cover:

  • Sales tools
  • Marketing tools
  • Website builders
  • Stock videos and images
  • Video editors
  • SEO tools

Top Appsumo Alternatives

A lifetime deal is when a SaaS does a limited promotion offering lifetime access for a fixed price. Usually, for a month’s worth, a user can have lifetime access to a particular SaaS. Needless to say, such promotion will create a lot of buzzes, especially when such a deal is promoted by influencers or platforms such as AppSumo and/or other similar platforms.







DealMirror Lifetime Deal

Dealmirror is Saas based software, SEO Tools & Software, SaaS, WordPress Themes & Plugins, Store for Entrepreneurs, Deals.

When you search Appsumo you noticed Dealmirror ads in your google searches.

DealMirror lifetime deals embrace huge discounts on their various saas based software, tech deals, WordPress themes, and plugins. It is one of the renowned alternatives to Appsumo.

DealMirror offers the best festive deals likes Black Friday offers, Christmas offers and New year offers.

They have good  Connect with millions of global customers & affiliates for a business that grows with you. their affiliates program is one of the best in that business.

DealMirror wallet is meant to be an exclusive & secure wallet system. Access to purchase any deal only on Easy-to-top-up wallet through Paypal/RazoPay accounts with a smooth checkout experience. Cashback/Refunds counts too, which is offered on some exclusive deals. So, the DealMirror wallet in itself an excellent payout method.

Dealmirror offers Saas applications and that too for Lifetime Deal. The best part about this company is that they deliver exactly what they say. Especially their lifetime deal choice is commendable. They will surprise you every month by their choice of Saas Applications. Dealmirror has a wide range of various products for you for different businesses.

If you want to save money on software with a one-time purchase for a lifetime and want to grow your business then DealMirror is the best place for you.


Pitchground Lifetime Deal

Pitchground Lifetime Deal focuses on entrepreneurs. You’ll find only lifetime deals here, which is an obsession for loads of entrepreneurs. This sort of narrow focus means there’s never an enormous number of products on offer at any one time. But those that do get a great deal of attention because the visitors know exactly what quite deals they will expect. They have a featured deal for the month and is front-and-center of their homepage.

Pitchground is an excellent option for Lifetime deals. There is a lot of options for marketers. I like the way they promote the offers and I think it is a great option to help grow business. Keep going doing this excellent job, guys!

Pitchground is a site that has some of the best lifetime deals available. Their Facebook group is also something I recommend checking out as the community there is great and really helpful especially if you have a question about the deal you are interested in or have purchased.


Dealify Lifetime Deal

Dealify is a Lifetime Deal website too. they are focused on providing deals and discounts on A+ software, tools, and platforms for marketers, growth hackers, and founders.

Well, I must have been a very convenient shopping experience. No glitch at all, I could immediately redeem the special price given.

Save Up To 99% On Tools To Help You Create, Grow, And Scale Your Business!
Usually, I buy from Appsumo but Dealify had given the same amazing experience as well.



Rebeliance Lifetime Deal is an offer exclusive lifetime deals and discounts to boost your sales and productivity.

They have an awesome community of 35,000+ of Entrepreneurs today and get great deals on Software products for your business.

Rebeliance is a marketplace for entrepreneurs to discover lifetime deals and discounts on awesome startups. They provide behind-the-scenes access to the best deals exclusively for Rebels.


DealFuel Lifetime Deal

Dealfuel Lifetime Deal Provides Various LifeTime Deals, Digital Deals with a wide range of products and services at affordable prices with various LifeTime Plans. It is the network of lifetime tech deals and Digital deals daily updated with absolutely all launches of the market.

Hence you get a bigger opportunity to see other platforms likes Dealmirror, Dealify, Pitchground, Rebeliance, Dealfuel.

I am only suggesting an alternative to appsumo. I am a big appsumo fan and love to buy their deals. but if you get better than that from others why not you buy it. as simple as that.


I have suggested you Best 5 Appsumo Alternative Lifetime Deal and I have a reason to support Dealmirror. as Dealmirror offers a huge discount on the festive period.

DealMirror offers the best festive deals likes Black Friday offers, Christmas offers and New year offers along with an amazing discount credited into your wallet account so that you can avail them in the near future.

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How To Use Quora More Effectively To Grow Your Business

What is Quora?

Quora is a social network for asking questions and writing answers for any subject. It also helps in social networking, branding, and promotions. It’s a knowledge hub ready to share among millions of people connected to it. Quora marketing is of the most effective and widely used strategy in Social Media Marketing.

According to its tagline, it is a place to share knowledge and to understand the world more effectively. In Quora, we can find people from all industries, positions, and geographies.

  • Interesting Quora Statistics 2019.
  • 300 Million active users per month.
  • 1 Million+ questions added every month.
  • 1 Million+ answers added every month.
  • It ranks on top search positions for 3 million+ keywords in search engines.
  • It has more than 5,00,000 topics.

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Why is Quora used in Digital Marketing?

Quora is one of the best mediums for Digital marketing. It is mainly due to the following reasons:

Easy-to-use: It’s a simple platform to learn for any age group users. It doesn’t need any extra knowledge to use for yourself.

Provides knowledge: It helps to get knowledge of your targeted population and their problems or issues faced due to your product or services.

Ranking in Search: Quora answers are ranked on top positions of search engines providing a high reach for good answers

Brand Authority: These types of huge platforms facilitate significant recognition necessary for marketing purposes. Most popular Quorans are recognized globally as Industry or Brand Authority in their respective subjects.

Generate Traffic & Leads: By answering questions about your related topics you can generate traffic & leads to your website.

Connections: With more than 300 million active users globally, Quora is a platform to build connections with related people in your industry.

Wide Range of Topics: It has a diverse range of subject matter. Around half a million topics are covered on this website.

How to use Quora for Marketing?

To start your journey on Quora you must choose which type of account best suits requirements for your business.

Steps to Get Started

Step 1: Create your Quora Account

When you visit you have 3 options to create your new account. You can use any of the methods, but it’s recommended to use the 3rd option for creating business accounts.

Quora offers 2 types of accounts:

  • Personal Account (Individual accounts).
  • Business Account (Company & business accounts).

Create an account with Facebook
Create an account with Google
Use your Own Email (Best for Business)

Step 2: Follow the Topics of your interest

You must follow at least 5-10 topics based on your interests or business topics for business accounts. More topics will help in expanding the reach of your answers.

Step 3: Create an Attractive Profile

The profile is the most important part of your Quora account. People can know about you from your profile, so make sure to include about yourself (company), your specialization, giving links to your website, social media profiles will be very useful in generating traffic & leads. You must use an attractive credential related to your business.

Step 4: Follow People on Quora

As a part of the process, it is recommended to follow people from your industry and popular Quorans to start your engagement on the network.

Step 5: Use Quora Strategies

Based on your business goals you can use the below strategies to use Quora for marketing.

Marketing Strategies 2020

There are various tools and facilities provided by this site which directly helps to boost marketing. In Quora, we can follow a simple approach and build our authority and develop a long term traffic stream. We should always focus on helping users who ask questions. This will automatically help you in generating value on the platform.

Our Quora Marketing Approach
Write > Engage > Promote > Convert

  • Best Marketing Strategies.
  • Brand Authority & Awareness.
  • Search Ranking.
  • Content Marketing Strategies.
  • Paid Advertising.

How to use Quora for Branding & Authority?

Quora can help you build your brand visibility and authority by writing high-quality answers related to your niche. Many Quorans were able to leverage this network to build their business. People recognize you and your brand when you are a specialist in your subject.

How to use Quora for SEO?

In this strategy, our goal is to rank on Google search using Quora Answers. To achieve this find the keywords for which ranks on top 10 positions. Once all the relevant questions are identified we can write relevant answers under each question to rank our answer in search engines.

Content Marketing with Quora

Quora is a vast network with millions of questions about every topic. We can use Quora to understand user demand and design our content strategy accordingly. Our content team can plan many new articles as per our niche by using Quora.


Spaces allow people to join specific spaces of their interests. After joining you can share various types of content like links, photos, posts, etc, which are visible to everyone.

We can create our own spaces or join existing spaces to get updates and participate with engagement with others.

How to use Spaces?

  • Login to your Quora accounts and click on Spaces from the top menu.
  • Find the most relevant group and join the groups.
  • Regularly check the articles and engagement with users.

Paid Promotions

A few years back, Quora launched its advertising platform for everyone to use and take advantage of it. It offers the following objectives-

  • Brand Awareness
  • Traffic & Conversions
  • App Installs
  • Promoted Answers

This facility is provided to promote your product or service. These can be in the form of texts or pictures. By enabling Quora ads, you are ensuring the extension of a message to a major portion of users. There are high chances of considering your product every time they see your add.

There are a few steps you have to follow to enable quora ads. These steps are as follows:

  • Login your quora account and go to the account section.
  • Visit the ‘manage ads’ portion in your quora account.
  • Now you see “create campaign”. Clicking on it takes a form you have to fill.
  • After filling this form and setting a budget you’ll be directed to another form.
  • This form is to create an ad set. Fill the form carefully and set a bid (cost per click). Click on “Continue”.
  • The page will open naming ” create an ad”. Write all of the content of the ad you want to publish.
  • Now you’re subjected to “Add a payment”. After completing the payment your campaign is ready to run.
  • Regularly monitor your Quora reports improving the campaign.

As we see from our above strategies learned, Quora is a highly valuable social network to help you increase business and create brand visibility. If you start today, you will have a First-Mover advantage in your niche. Go ahead and share your queries in the comments below.

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7 Tips to Use Pinterest To Promote Your Business


Are you trying to use Pinterest to market your small business?

Then this blog is for you: It explains how to get the most web traffic, customers, and sales out of your Pinterest for business efforts.

Specifically, in this article you’ll learn:

  • How to make the best use of the captions on your Pinterest for business pins
  • Why it’s important to create pinboards showing personal interests and three ways your business can do that
  • How best to integrate Pinterest with Facebook and Twitter
  • What tools can help you use Pinterest most effectively

Where possible, examples are included so you can see exactly what you should be doing.

1) Be Pinnable

Pinterest is all about images. So seed your website with pictures – photos, infographics, diagrams – people might want to pin. Anything visual is good.

A “pinnable” image will focus on your product or feature your product in a realistic setting, Pinterest for Business advises. If you feature multiple products in a single pin, limit it to four so the pin doesn’t get too busy. It will also use a vertical aspect ratio (as pins are organized into columns on Pinterest), ideally 2:3 (600px wide x 900px high).

Use the Pinterest Save Button and Pinterest widgets on your website to invite others to pin the visual elements of your website. (And make sure you’ve claimed your website. Once you have, any pins that people save from your site will have your profile picture next to them and you’ll be able to see what people are saving from your website.)

2) Be Active

Like any other social media, Pinterest is not a “set it and forget it” experience. Just create a few pinboards and leaving them there is not going to do much if anything to generate interest in your products or services. You need to be pinning, repinning, following and commenting regularly. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, you will need to assign a staff person to do it or hire someone.

3) Use Descriptions

When you create images to use as Pinterest pins, make use of the caption/description space available on your pins to entice your viewer. For instance, look at this board by The Cascade Team Real Estate; they’re using their Pinterest caption space to give as many details about each property as they can to try and entice the buyer.

And descriptions are not just good for real estate. This Cherry Vanilla Scentsy Bar pin is a great example of the kind of Pinterest caption you should use to entice your viewer to possibly buy your product; it gives all the vital information and a reason to buy to boot (10% off).

Make sure that your pin includes a strong call to action. Use words such as ‘shop,’ ‘make,’ ‘find’ or ‘buy’. Invite the viewer to learn more on your website or at your store.

4) Think Related

Very few of us have businesses with a huge variety of amazing products. So when you’re trying to use Pinterest for business, don’t create boards that are only filled with photos of your products; it makes for a boring set of boards that generates little interest with visitors.

Instead, create pinboards and pin photos of things that are related to your products. This gives you the scope to be much more interesting and relevant to your customers.

Suppose, for instance, that you sell blinds. A board with photos of different types of blinds on different windows is an obvious choice. But you could also create pinboards that show different rooms in a house and the different things that can be done with them because people who are interested in buying blinds are probably also interested in home décor. You might have a board called Baby’s Room and another called Guest Bedroom filled with to-drool-over shots of beautifully decorated rooms – all with blinds.

Some other examples – a hairstylist would presumably have pinboards showing the hairstyles he or she can create but might also have boards on hair accessories, nail art, shampoo products, and celebrity hairstyles. A bike shop would have boards on bikes of course but perhaps also boards on great places to bike.

Think not “What products or services do I have to sell?” but “What related interests do my clients or customers have?” and create boards accordingly.

5) Get Personal

Remember that Pinterest is social media. In other words, people expect to see and learn more about the people behind the scenes in your business and perhaps even connect with them in some fashion. So you want to work a personal element into your Pinterest for business activities.

One way to do this is to create boards relating to the personal interests of the people who work at your business. Suppose that at your company, one partner loves sailing while another loves golf. Your business could have boards on both of these as well as your products.

Another is to create pinboards centered on your customers. Boards filled with photos of satisfied customers or photos of customers using your products can really increase customer engagement.

And a third is to create boards relating to a cause that your business espouses. For instance, a financial services company heavily supports the local symphony; they could have Pinterest boards depicting people and scenes from the annual events they sponsor.

6) Integrate Pinterest with the other social media you use for your business

You can take advantage of Pinterest’s integration with other social media. In the account settings for your Pinterest business account, you’ll see that you can connect your Pinterest account to your personal Facebook or Twitter account which will let you share pins and boards to Facebook or Twitter. (Just hover over any pin on any board and click the share symbol on the top left; a Share this pin menu will pop up.)

Don’t bother sharing every pin you create. The best practice is to make occasional posts that give your Facebook or Twitter visitors a reason to follow the link.

For instance, in one post on my Facebook page, I linked to my Pinterest board on home office inspiration, posting:

What I wish my home office looked like. Clicking the link will take you to my Pinterest board of photos of other home offices to die for. Add a photo there or here if you like. And if you’re on Pinterest yourself, let me know in the comments below so I can drop by and visit your boards.

Besides being more interesting, to begin with than a post that just posts your pin, you can use your Pinterest for business posts to drive customer interaction. In my Home Office Inspiration Board post, for example, I ask visitors to post their own office photos and share links to their own boards. I could have done a poll asking what shape their office was in, a fill-in-the-blank question related to home offices – there are so many engagement possibilities!

7) Use available Pinterest tools to increase your reach

Pinterest has developed a suite of tools to help those using Pinterest for business to sell their products. Here are some you’ll want to explore.

  • Promoted pins are ads. They look just like regular pins but you pay to have them seen by more people. You can either click the Promote button on any pin or click on the red button with a white plus sign on the top right of your Pinterest page to create an ad. Pinterest offers both pay per click and pays by 1,000 impressions advertising.
  • Buyable pins let you sell your products right on Pinterest. Customers can just tap to buy, paying with Apple Pay or a credit card.
  • Rich pins let you provide more detail right on your pins such as pricing and product availability. There are four types: product, app, recipe and article and each is designed for a specific use. App pins, for instance, show an install button letting people download your app with leaving Pinterest. (These are only compatible with iOS for the moment.
  • Pinterest analytics will give you insights about how people are responding to your pins so you adjust your strategy to get more clicks or impressions from your Pinterest marketing.

Refer: Social Media Management Necessary for your Business

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12 Most Powerful Twitter Techniques that Work Quickly


Twitter is an extraordinary spot to develop your business, however, things move rapidly on the stage.

The normal life expectancy of one tweet is just around 18 minutes. More than 7,000 new tweets are sent each and every second.

The time span of the usability of one tweet is multiple times shorter than anything you post on Facebook.

This makes it difficult to get your messages to stick and have an effect. It’s anything but difficult to lose all sense of direction in the group.

That is the reason your tweets and Twitter showcasing strategies need to sneak up suddenly to get individuals to make a move and focus on you.

Be that as it may, it tends to be difficult to know precisely what systems work and which ones are an exercise in futility. Fortunately, you won’t need to invest any energy making sense of that.

1. Pick the right handle, profile photo, and header image

Your Twitter handle has to be recognizable, easy-to-remember, and short enough for people to easily tag you. When someone tries to search your name, they will use your handle to find your page. Keep your names consistent across all social media profiles. If you use a name that’s different from your brand or company name, you might confuse followers or make your page hard to find.

Take H&M for example. There’s no way to include the “&” character in a handle, so they simply shortened their handle to “@hm.”

The business name “H&M” is already catchy, short, and easy-to-remember, but the handle is even simpler.

Steer away from irrelevant numbers or any kind of punctuation marks.

Keep it short and sweet, too. With a short Twitter name, you’ll be more likely to get @mentions from other users and brands.

People are less likely to mention businesses with long twitter handles due to the character limit of each tweet. Potential customers might interact more with your twitter account than they would with a physical store. For this reason, you need to make sure that your profile picture is recognizable and memorable.

It’s not uncommon to go with a logo, which will nurture brand awareness. Anytime someone interacts with your twitter account, they’ll become even more familiar with your logo and recognize it when they see it elsewhere.

2.Optimize your bio to showcase your brand’s personality

Your Twitter bio is a 160-character location to showcase your company right under your profile photo. You need to create a killer one. And it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Just explain who you are to the world in a few short, sweet sentences. Here’s what my Twitter bio looks like:

It explains who I am what I do, the company I founded, and who I founded it with.

Here are a few elements to take into account when crafting your bio:


  • Keep it accurate. Tell people exactly who your brand is.
  • Incorporate some personality or humor. Don’t be afraid to tell a few jokes or say something original.
  • Brag a bit. If your brand has some great accomplishments under their belt, tell people. Have thousands of existing customers? Let people know.
  • Keep it targeted. Write a bio that will attract people that fit in with your target audience.
  • Add relevant hashtags so that people can find your account when they search for those terms.
  • Be sure to tag other brands that you may be associated with this space.

It also helps to tweet during peak hours when most people are online.

3. Tweet during peak hours

There are certain days of the week or times of day when users are more active on Twitter, meaning they’ll actually be more likely to engage with your posts.

By identifying those hours and days and posting during them, you’ll gain more impressions, boost engagement, and get tons of clicks.

According to Buffer, tweets posted on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday have higher CTRs than those posted during other days of the week.

Some studies have shown that posting between 12 PM and 6 PM is the best time to post. Others suggest that the hours between 12 PM and 3 PM on Monday through Friday work best.

Your peak posting times will depend on your specific audience, so test how your content performs at different times and days to find out what works best for your brand.

Once you’ve figured them out, use scheduling tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your posts to go live at peak hours ahead of time.

And when you post, are sure to use the right hashtags.

Keep hashtag use to a minimum if you can, too. Don’t overload users with tons of hashtags for everything you post.

4. Keep hashtag use to a minimum (and use the right ones)

Tweets that contain hashtags receive 2x more engagement than those that don’t.

But tweets with more than two hashtags receive a drop in engagement by 17%.


It’s important to use the right kind of hashtags without overusing them.

Only include hashtags that add some context to your tweets.

Find your most popular hashtags by using Twitter analytics.

You can also use a tool like Hashtagify to find the best hashtags for your tweets. The tool suggests hashtags that are related to the keywords you enter.

With Hashtagify, you can also determine the strength of your hashtags before you use them, so you’ll know which ones work best before tweeting them out.

RiteTag is another alternative that works similarly to Hashtagify.

Next, focus on running some advanced searches.

5. Run some advanced searches

Wouldn’t it be nice to find people who are interested in your services or products at this very second?

Or figure out exactly what people are saying about your brand?

Luckily, there is when you use the Twitter advanced search.

Instead of sending out promotional tweets or writing to your existing customers, find potential ones by searching through industry-specific terms.

For example, if you’re a bakery, search for terms like “baker,” “bakery,” or “cake” in your area.

You’re more than likely to find at least one tweet from a person looking for a baker in your region or dealing with a customer service issue with another bakery.

Advanced searches put new leads right in front of you. Reach out to those people and tell them how you can fix their problem or help them out. And add images to your tweets if you want to boost retweets too. (Who doesn’t?)

6. Add images to tweets to increase retweets

When you add images to your tweets, you’ll get more shares and clicks than the tweets without images.

In fact, tweets with images typically receive 89% more “likes” or favorites.

Make sure only to add compelling images that are relevant and high-quality.

Never use an image that doesn’t relate to your tweet just for the sake of adding an image.

If you’re tweeting about a recent blog post, add an image from the article with a link where users can find more information.

Or, if you want to tweet about a new product or service, include an image that showcases it.

You may even be running a promotional deal where followers can get discounts. Use a tool like Canva to create a simple graphic like this one and add it to your tweet.

Photos aren’t the only thing to focus your attention on, though. Use video as often as you can.

Refer: Social Media Management Necessary for your Business

7. Utilize Twitter video for even more engagement

Images get more attention than plain old text, but videos outperform images.

Twitter video allows Twitter users to record a new video from a device or upload an existing video.

Simply add a branded video to your tweets to get more attention, like this one from Michael Kors.

According to AdWeek, videos are six times more likely to be retweeted than photos and three times more likely to be retweeted than GIFs.

Videos are a great way to share new information with followers, share behind-the-scenes content, elicit emotion, and give your tweets a longer lifespan.

You can also go live with the live video feature. Live videos are automatically posted as tweets, which are still watchable once the live video ends.

Next, focus on conducting polls that people can interact with.

8. Conduct polls to interact with followers

One of the easiest ways to create more activity on your Twitter page is to create a Twitter poll.

All you need to do is click the same button you always click to add a new tweet, then click on the poll icon at the bottom of the screen.

Next, add your question and choices.

Polls aren’t just fun for followers to complete. They can also be used to conduct consumer and market research, get feedback, and initiate engaging conversations with followers.

Anyone can create a poll, but creating unique and engaging questions takes a bit of thought.

Look to other brands that are using polls consistently and successfully, like Airbnb, for inspiration.

And don’t forget to use creative calls-to-action (CTAs) that you can easily tweet out to drive sales or boost downloads of your latest app or e-book.

9. Use creative CTAs (beyond asking users to share posts)

The entire idea behind Twitter marketing is to drive sales, generate leads, boost clicks, and increase downloads.

Creating posts to drive these actions, when used sparingly, can boost your engagement in huge ways. Adding a CTA to a few tweets is the quickest way to do this.

You’re probably already using CTAs asking users to share your posts, which is great. But this isn’t the only CTA that you should be using on your Twitter profile.

Use some effective action words and phrases to get users to do other activities, such as:

  • Follow us
  • Visit our site
  • Shop our sales
  • Download here
  • Learn more

Using effective action words and switching up CTAs will drive engagement and boost your CTR, send more traffic over to your site, generate new leads; drives downloads, and boost sales.

10. Use Twitter to double A/B test headlines

Twitter is the best network to test headlines.

Testing headlines on Twitter is a great idea because the visual elements aren’t as prominent as they are with a platform like Facebook.

Buffer introduced this idea with a guide on how to write great headlines on blogs and social media.

After you publish an article, use a tool like Tweriod to find out when your followers are online.

Then, tweet three to five headlines with trackable links during those peak times. Make sure that the headlines are different.

Track the performance of each link. Next, put the same headlines into an A/B-testing service like Optimizely.

Reach out to influencers for more exposure

It’s now easier than ever to pitch your ideas to someone with a large following. If they like what you bring to the table, they can change your brand’s world with one simple post.

11. The first step to influencer outreach is identifying which influencers are out there for your specific industry.

First, look at influencers that you’ve already been interacting with. Maybe they’ve liked a few of your tweets, or maybe you’ve responded to some of theirs.

Look at their profiles.

Do their posts align with your brand message? How many followers do they have?

If they seem like a good fit, send them a DM asking to promote your company in a tweet.

12. Harness the power of Twitter Ads

When you need to boost engagement as fast as possible, Twitter Ads are the way to go. Especially if you don’t have a ton of followers just yet.

Twitter Ads can be a bit more expensive than Facebook Ads, but they will boost engagement when you need it most. Promoted tweets are the best option for this purpose.

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Best Email Service Provider For Affiliate Marketing

Hello, Friend today I tell the best email service provider for Affiliate Marketing. You all know the best way to earning from the internet is Affiliate marketing with the help of affiliate marketing you can earn thousands of money every day, yes you can earn thousands of money every day….

But the problem is most of the email service provider not support Affiliate Marketing so today I will tell you the best email service provider who support Affiliate marketing.

  1. Aweber – Best of Best email marketing platform for Affiliate Marketers.
  2. GetResponse – Second best email marketing platform for Affiliate Marketers.

These 2 are the Best Email Service Provider For Affiliate Marketing


Blog HOW-TO SEO Tips

10 Effective Steps To Earn Money Through Email Marketing


Do You Want To Promote Your Business Without Making Any Effort?

Hello everyone! Amelie Jons is back with some effective tips related to Email marketing. If you are thinking about How to make money online without making any effort and as well as promoting your business. So here is the solution, Email marketing is the best solution for you because it can help you to promote your business through Emails in the digital world. When you are planning to send an Email first you should know some basic points, i.e. How to use Emails for marketing purposes, what are the steps, how to write, format, and more…

It has the ability to speak directly, instantly and can play an important role in digital marketing. Frequently delivered Emails with interesting logos and subject lines will force users to create alertness towards your business. It makes an interactive connection and sustains quality customer relations.

We shall not forget this Email; it is highly personalized with the specific client database. It allows you to send targeted Emails to specific recipient groups on the base of particular criteria.


10 Effective Steps To Earn Money Through Email Marketing:

# 1. Build an Email List –

uouo 1

For your ease, make a Email list of all subscribers. It is a very easy step to make more money from your email list when you have more people to sell to.

This implies stepping up your game when it comes to your landing pages, opt-ins, and incentives. Try not to be lethargic and “trust” people will be inspired to sign up, it doesn’t work that way.

Make joining your list so irresistible that anyone who comes to your website can’t wait to sign up.

One great way to make this happen is by adding PopUp box to your website.

# 2. Give Them Value –



Give lots and lots of value to your customers. Make sure your readers feel like, they are getting so many unique things from you for free, and it will be a no-brainer when it comes time to buy when you offer a product. That likewise implies not hitting them up with huge amounts of sales pitches right from the start.

# 3. Include Affiliate Marketing –

Since we’ve gotten that out of the way, understand that you have a great opportunity to make money off your list with affiliate marketing.

When you come across a great product that’s complementary to the product/service you offer, tell your list about it.

# 4. Create Your Own Product –

It’s never an awful thought to own something in your small space of the Online network. When you have a list of people who are already interested in you and what you have to say, seems as though you have a tailor made audience of people in that spot.

So use it properly. Create database, get some information about the customers and come up with a high quality product to alter them.

Then, tell them about your product list. Tell them how your product is suitable for them. Since they already trust you, it becomes a much easier sell.

# 5. Create Proper Segments –

If you are not segmenting your data yet. So starts now. Take this task as an important part of Email marketing.

Once you segment your Email list you can easily differentiate who’s your “buyer” are and who are just along for the ride.

When you’ve got your buyers segmented into their own list, you can then easily approach them with up sells.

# 6. Replay Promotions –

If one of your email campaigns works excellent once, then why not use it again?

This is where testing and tracking comes into play. You should observe all of your campaigns and promotions to see what has given you the best success rates.

Chances are, you’ll pick up at least a few new buyers, who weren’t ready to buy before but are now.

# 7. Improve Your Copy –


You might have an amazing list of useful product/service to sell. But, if you are having junk copies? And you are not getting the appropriate results from that, so improve your Email copy with new content and effects.

# 8. Share Past Posts –

More often than not, some of your greatest content is hardly ever seen on your site by new visitors. Solve that problem by incorporating some of your best posts into your emails.

Additionally, if you have reviewed and ads in your posts, these new views will increase the chances of clicks, bringing in more revenue for you.

By sharing past posts you know they would get something out of you’re building a good relationship with your list.

# 9. Surprise them With Free Stuff –

fforfree1 - FInal1


As a human being we all love surprises or free stuffs.

So, use that idea on your Email. Create an Email content, mention some free stuffs that you know will appeal directly to your subscribers and help them out.

Then offer up that free content as a “bonus” every few months. Your list will end up loving your free prizes and it will go a long way towards really strengthen a positive trusting relationship.

# 10. User Reviews –

Another good way to sell without really selling directly is to take user reviews. Target products and services that can help not only you, but also your users or reader’s business.

If you use the review as a way to show people how it improved your business and how it can improve theirs, then that’s valuable. A lot more valuable as opposed to just sending out a link to the product via email and asking people to buy.

I’ve specifically wrote this blog to solve the problems that I have seen in email marketing. These are of some mistakes you probably didn’t even know you were doing that are having a negative impact on your list.

If you want to know more about Email marketing, click to see a free eBook demo.

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How to Use Pinterest to Drive More Referral Traffic to Your Website

Hello Everyone! I’m Amelie Jons having a good knowledge about social media promotions and I’m an SEO expert in a company. After a lot of blogs and searches study, I found that most of the people still facing troubles about “How to use Pinterest?” and “How this will help them to get more referral traffic?”.

Pinterest is definitely a fantastic way to promote your business. When used correctly, Pinterest can drive huge traffic to your website, and boost your sales.
Select your plan (ex: Free or Premium) and Starts working on it.

How to Use Pinterest to Drive More Traffic to Your Website


Let us understand, How To Drive More Referral Traffic From Pinterest by using easy and simple steps:

How to Join:


1. Sign Up

2. Create Your Profile

3. Check Your Settings


How to Pin:


1. Install the Pin It Button

2. Pin from a website

3. Upload a Pin (Image)

4. Create a New Board

5. Like and Comment

For each blog post you consider pinning:   

1. Create a new account or sign up with Facebook –aaaa12. How To Edit Your Profile –
aa23. Add an extension on your browser –
4. Add board categories –
aa45. How to Pin: Create a new board and upload a pin or website from the computer system.
6. It displays a list of pins that contain your search term in the pin description.

7. Write Your Pin Description.

8.  Click Boards to review all boards that contain your search term in their title or description.

9. Review the pins in each of these boards.

10. Add followers and following (by simply follow their boards and pins).

Modify your search phrase to see, if there are different words that people are using for the topic.How to add your Pinterest Account to Facebook business page:aa6How To Schedule Pins?Schedule Pins like a Premium as given below. Using Below given tools you can increase your earnings with Pinterest:

1. TailWind App –

bb12. ViralTag –


3. Photoshop – As a graphic designer, I am best friends with Photoshop for all things visual. Whether I am creating pin-able graphics, board or infographics images, it is my go-to source.

4. Pinterest Widgets – Pinterest itself offers several tools to help integrate your website with Pinterest.

There are five widgets to help you do exactly that including:

  • Pin It Button: allowing people to pin directly from your website
  • Follow Button: allowing people to follow you with Pinterest
  • Pin Widget: allowing you to embed pins on your website.
  • Board Widget: Showing up to 30 of your favorite board’s latest pins.
  • Profile Widget: Showing up to 30 of your latest pins on your site.

And more tools  are available…

Track Traffic to Your Website from Pinterest:

The pin for your website post appears on your pins and on your selected board. Everyone who follows your pin has a chance to see it. Anyone who checks out your pins can also see it.

Other people see your pins, and if they find it interesting, they will click through to your website post. They may also re-pin your blog post to share it with the people who follow them.

There are several ways you can track the traffic to your website post from Pinterest. Use whatever traffic monitoring tools you have in place on your website. For example: Google Analytics.

If you want to know more about Pinterest click to get free eBook demo.

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Web Booster Kit Limited period Offer

Utilize your Web Booster Kit to maximum.

Check out this “Quick Web Booster Kit”.

Completely Risk-Free Kit to Increase Your Traffic & Generating Greater Revenue.

Take your revenues higher  and higher by making use of this powerful toolkit.



Blog wordpress Wordpress Themes

5 Best WordPress Themes For Food And Restaurant

Today online presence of any business is very important so i will share you best WordPress themes for food and restaurant.

Here’s a collection of 5 Best WordPress Themes For Food And Restaurant, coffee shop, pizza shop themes which increase your online presence of your business.


1. Food  Restaurant WordPress themes.

Orange food is a unique and modern WordPress theme. It is very nice with its clean and professional look. One of the best thing about this theme is you can an be customized in various ways. This theme is also search engine friendly. It is based entirely on HTML 5 and CSS 3. With the help of this theme you can build an ultra-fast and nice website within minutes.

Free Services With this theme :

  • Free Theme Installation on one site
  • Free WordPress Installation on one site
  • Free all images with this theme.

Other Features:

  • Add Unlimited sliders on front page.
  • Add Unlimited Feature images on front page.
  • Fully responsive WordPress theme.
  • Unlimited Sidebars – Create as many sidebars as you want.
  • Fully adjustable front view on just one click.
  • 12 Fantastic  Color Schemes.
  • Inbuilt custom CSS options to modify the theme.




Demo   Buy / Download

2. BBQ

BBQ is a minimalistic food theme that can be used to create an ultra-fast and simple website within minutes. You can show-off testimonials with the help of a template or sidebar widget. It also boasts a system for administration of menu cards, a contact template and a responsive layout. Although these features are ideal for food websites, you can use the theme for almost anything.

Free Services With this theme :

  • NO

Other Features:

Multiple widgetized areas
Built-in contact form
Responsive design
Custom widgets and post types


11-Feb-15 1-48-21 PM


  Demo  Buy / Download

3. Verona

Verona is one of our favorite WordPress food themes. It not only has a beautiful design but it also comes with many valuable freebies like a copy of the Layer Slider WordPress plugin, using which you can quickly create 2 and 3 dimensional slideshows. It also offers airtight search engine optimization, retina display support and shortcodes for customization.

Free Services With this theme :

  • NO

Other Features:

Dozens of layout options
Unlimited styling options
Hundreds of fonts

11-Feb-15 3-34-05 PM

 Demo  Buy / Download

4. Redminton

Redminton has a grid based design which allows you to showcase all your featured food items on the homepage using thumbnails. The design of this theme is perfect for restaurant sites and food blogs but you can also use it to create a photography site or portfolio. It also has several spots where you can place your ads.

Free Services With this theme :

  • NO

Other Features:

Icons for social sharing
Neat grid-based layout
Easy integration with Google Analytics
Contact form page template
Supports all the WordPress 3.1+ features including Menus

11-Feb-15 3-42-40 PM


   Demo  Buy / Download

5. Linguini: Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme

Linguini is a WordPress theme perfect fit for the restaurants, pubs, bars, wineries and other companies offering foods and drinks. Theme has modern and timeless design with many options to customize final look of the website. Linguini is a fluid and fully responsive theme, which adapting display to all devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops …) – try to resize your browser window. Linguini is very strong and bold theme with excellent system of creating menus, events, photogalleries and videogalleries. The theme also serves as a great blogging tool. Source code of theme is highly semantic and well structured, which is also very good for all search engines – SEO optimalized.

Free Services With this theme :

  • NO

11-Feb-15 3-54-35 PM


  Demo  Buy / Download


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Top High PR 50+ Dofollow Forum Posting Site List

forum posting - pikandeeweb


What is Forum Posting ? 

Forum submission is the way of online Discussion sites. To Discus you point of your the given topic and submit your feed Back of the Topic and your website name or It is a way to share knowledge also it helps a website by collecting back links. Lots of people come to forum site to know about something or to learn.Forum posting is the most powerful way for dofollow backlinks.

 I am going to provide you high  PR 50+ Dofollow Forum Posting Site List. So start forum posting and popular your website 🙂


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PR 8  Dofollow Forum List


PR 7  Dofollow Forum List

PR 6  Dofollow Forum List


PR 5  Dofollow Forum List

PR 4  Dofollow Forum List

PR 3  Dofollow Forum List


Hope You Will Found This Post Helpful For You..! Don’t Forgot To Share With Your Friends And If You Any Best Blog Commenting Sites With Good PR Then Let me Know In Comment Section.

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