How To Add Widget On WordPress

how to add widget in wordpress

How To Add Widget On WordPress

WordPress is a wonderful platform for making website. In WordPress, widget play a very important role.


What Is WordPress Widget ?


Actually A WordPress Widget is a small block that performs a specific function or in other word Widget is a content tool you can easily add widget just drug and drop and easily remove from where you placed. Widget provide a decent look  which make your website more attractive. Examples of widget are follow :


  • A listing of recent posts.

  • search form for your site.

  • tag cloud of your most recent tags.

  • A Text Widget and many more .


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How To Add Widget On WordPress – 


1.  Login your wordpress website.Then click on Appearance -> Widget





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2. Just drag and drop any widget  from available widgets area.





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3. Now set the property of the widget and save it.


4.So this widget shown on sidebar of my website like this- 




5.If you want to add other widget like Text, Calender, Search just drag and drop it.


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