How to Use Pinterest to Drive More Referral Traffic to Your Website

Hello Everyone! I’m Amelie Jons having a good knowledge about social media promotions and I’m an SEO expert in a company. After a lot of blogs and searches study, I found that most of the people still facing troubles about “How to use Pinterest?” and “How this will help them to get more referral traffic?”.

Pinterest is definitely a fantastic way to promote your business. When used correctly, Pinterest can drive huge traffic to your website, and boost your sales.
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How to Use Pinterest to Drive More Traffic to Your Website


Let us understand, How To Drive More Referral Traffic From Pinterest by using easy and simple steps:

How to Join:


1. Sign Up

2. Create Your Profile

3. Check Your Settings


How to Pin:


1. Install the Pin It Button

2. Pin from a website

3. Upload a Pin (Image)

4. Create a New Board

5. Like and Comment

For each blog post you consider pinning:   

1. Create a new account or sign up with Facebook –aaaa12. How To Edit Your Profile –
aa23. Add an extension on your browser –
4. Add board categories –
aa45. How to Pin: Create a new board and upload a pin or website from the computer system.
6. It displays a list of pins that contain your search term in the pin description.

7. Write Your Pin Description.

8.  Click Boards to review all boards that contain your search term in their title or description.

9. Review the pins in each of these boards.

10. Add followers and following (by simply follow their boards and pins).

Modify your search phrase to see, if there are different words that people are using for the topic.How to add your Pinterest Account to Facebook business page:aa6How To Schedule Pins?Schedule Pins like a Premium as given below. Using Below given tools you can increase your earnings with Pinterest:

1. TailWind App –

bb12. ViralTag –


3. Photoshop – As a graphic designer, I am best friends with Photoshop for all things visual. Whether I am creating pin-able graphics, board or infographics images, it is my go-to source.

4. Pinterest Widgets – Pinterest itself offers several tools to help integrate your website with Pinterest.

There are five widgets to help you do exactly that including:

  • Pin It Button: allowing people to pin directly from your website
  • Follow Button: allowing people to follow you with Pinterest
  • Pin Widget: allowing you to embed pins on your website.
  • Board Widget: Showing up to 30 of your favorite board’s latest pins.
  • Profile Widget: Showing up to 30 of your latest pins on your site.

And more tools  are available…

Track Traffic to Your Website from Pinterest:

The pin for your website post appears on your pins and on your selected board. Everyone who follows your pin has a chance to see it. Anyone who checks out your pins can also see it.

Other people see your pins, and if they find it interesting, they will click through to your website post. They may also re-pin your blog post to share it with the people who follow them.

There are several ways you can track the traffic to your website post from Pinterest. Use whatever traffic monitoring tools you have in place on your website. For example: Google Analytics.

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