How To: Facebook And Twitter List Of Easy Keyboard Shortcuts



Before using Facebook keyboard shortcuts. I will share some information with you. You know friends Facebook is the largest online social network. Founded in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. In 2008 Facebook had 100 million users and as of March 2013 has 1.11 Billion.

Today i will also sharing my personal experiences one day my internet not properly works all website are open properly but Facebook and Google are not open i don’t know why ? At that time i feel that these two site how important in my life without this i can’t do my single piece of work . 🙂

So please prepare your bookmarking. We’re about to share information that will greatly improve your  social media life.

First of all what browser and operating system  are you use because prefix key are different for different browser and operating system.



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For Example If you use windows Operating System(OS) and chrome browser then  prefix is Alt.

Win = Windows

IE = Internet Explorer

OSX  = (Mac OS)

  • 1 – Facebook’s homepage
  • 2 – Your Timeline
  • 3 – Friends’ list
  • 4 – Inbox
  • 5 – Notifications
  • 6 – Account settings
  • 7 – Privacy settings
  • 8 – About page
  • 9 – Facebook’s terms & conditions
  • J– Go to next story on News Feed
  • K – Go to previous story on News Feed
  • C – Comment on a story
  • L – like or unlike a story
  • M – Compose new message
  • Q – Search for a friend to chat with
  • O – Open Facebook help center
  • j , k — Scroll between News Feed stories
  • p — Post a new status
  • s — Share the selected story
  • o — Open attachment of the selected story
  • / — Search
  • q — Search chat contacts
  • ? — Show this help dialog

Note: Some keys are not working because it depends on keyboard , browser version, OS and please use  the numbers on the top of your keyboard not use number pad.



The best thing in twitter is you don’t add any prefix before shortcut key just press shortcut key only.


  • / – Search tweets
  • J – Go to next tweet
  • K – Go to previous tweet
  • Space – Page down
  • GH – Go to Home
  • GP – Go to your profile
  • GL – Go to your Lists
  • GF – Go to your Favorites
  • GM – Go to your messages
  • GU – Go to a person’s profile
  • GS – Go to your settings
  • GA – Go to Activity page
  • GC – Go to Interaction page


  • N – Write new tweet
  • R – Reply to tweet
  • T – Retweet
  • F – Favorite
  • M – Write direct message
  • B – Block user
  • U – Unblock user

Did I miss anything ? Comment and add your secret shortcuts. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and if you like this blog like our facebook page :) pikandeeweb


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How To: Facebook And Twitter List Of Easy Keyboard Shortcuts


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